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e-BLUE HHO (hydrogen) gas carbon cleaning will open in 2022 as a hydrogen gas carbon cleaning specialty store.

We clean the engine combustion chambers of ships, trucks, heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, motorcycles, automobiles, etc. in the Hokuriku area, such as Ishikawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, and Fukui Prefecture, to improve fuel efficiency, reduce engine noise and vibration, and exhaust gas. We are helping to make it cleaner and improve response.

I love internal combustion vehicles and nature.

Are you giving up on old models, large vibrations, black exhaust gas, poor fuel efficiency, poor accelerator response, etc.? .

Many of these malfunctions are caused by dirt such as carbon and sludge accumulated in the engine combustion chamber.

Carbon and sludge in the engine can be removed in a short time by using clean hydrogen that is harmless to the natural environment and the human body without using special additives or solutions.

When I first heard about this construction, I thought it was a kind of placebo effect.

However, when I was shown the construction work and listened to the stories of the people who actually did the work, I was surprised at how effective it was..

Cost reduction by improving fuel efficiency, improved customer satisfaction by installing exhaust gas screens for recreational fishing boats (reduced seasickness due to smell), easier driving due to improved response, leading to cleaner fuel consumption and exhaust gas I heard various stories such as that this would lead to the improvement of environmental awareness and initiatives of companies, and I have come to the present.

​ Please try the construction as a specialty store.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


​Environmental initiatives (SDGs)

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